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CoM – picture book?

2022 came to its finale and in this year most of my free-time work was dedicated to give first chapter of Circles of Magic comic a new and fresh picture-book look. It get very hard for me to draw the comic (as I wanted it to be), so I thought this approach would be fun, less stressful and actually doable. Keeping these done one-by-one instead of pages/scenes is a big deal. It wasn’t that much, but still something unique. Enjoy.

I keep it without any captions or subtitles. I think they don’t need it. If You think I’m wrong here :) – let me know!

Happy new year.


I hope You are keeping well. This is first post since 2018 – I just got too busy with my kids, work and all the good life to keep this site updated (artstation and instagram were doing much better). So it’s time for a bit of cleaning.

To wrap all the time missing here. I’ve gathered recent personal illustration in form of short video accompanied by a free music clip.

If you’re wondering what’s up with Circles of Magic comics. It’s really hard time for me to do large scope time-consuming projects which is chapter two. I’m thinking about changing the medium to vertical-scroll web comic, because it’s a bit less demanding in terms of layouting whole pages and I could approach it in smaller chunks. Will see.

It should be a good year to be creative. I still have plenty of work and few ideas I want to try out in field of 2D animation. Wish me luck.

Have a good year.

Trees and experimenting with composition

Today I wanted to share few words about composition in picture below. I created this one fairly quick, as an coloring exercise after little walk at Warsaw and meeting Mieszko, the oldest oak around.

How about this composition?

How about this composition?

Trees used to burst inspirations in me. Tangled branches and odd shapes bring to mind all strange creatures and stories. I have special worship towards roots and rocks around.

In this picture, I wanted to show this really charismatic tree and try somehow strange composition with displaced focal points. I always liked how Paul Bonner was placing his dwarves at the edge of canvas in very strange places and, by the same token, using all area available for his story.

So the point is – next time you see a tree, or rock, try strange compositions.

But seriously, be brave and move beyond all standards. Today art is full of standards.

Cheers and look at other trees!

Tree captured in Tatry

Tree captured in Tatry

And this one.

And this one.