Hello dear visitor, my name is Kamil Murzyn and I’m a fantasy artist.

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And I will not say, that I have been drawing since I was kid. I did play games instead.

Fantasy games were what influenced my childhood the most. I spend time creating my own role-playing games, card games, maps, worlds, characters. I had a lot of ideas then and some of them stayed with me to this today.

I have been studying ancient culture, human-computer interactions and programming on Jagiellonian University in Cracow. During one of my classes, I’ve got hooked and immersed in world of movie making and computer animation.

I have always been jumping between two dimensional fine art and 3D animation in my work. Drawing and painting was something I did during my mornings and evenings, and most of my personal projects. On the other hand my job was usually connected to 3D. I’ve joined Platige Image in 2015, where I helped to bring unique styles of “Another Day of Life” (2018) and Love, Death & Robots episode “Fish Night“.

I started working as visual development artist and art director, helping with artistic vision for clients like Netflix, Blur, Nickelodeon, Activision, SEGA Relic, Amazon. My drawings and illustrations were used in books and games from publishers like 3dTotal or Ravensburger’s Disney Lorcana. 

Today I’m coming back to my kid-stories in a frantic attempt to restore those ideas and recreate classic fantasy adventures for kids, who are growing up in current internet era. World of Circles of Magic, called Erenn, is being developed as a comics, illustrations, animations, little stories and many many drawings I post on social media.

Currently I live in Gdansk, Poland. With my wife Kalina and little daughters – Tamara and Liliana. I’m working on my fantasy story ‘Circles of Magic’ during freetime.

This website is a home for all my projects including sketching, illustrations, animations and comic stories.

Welcome and thank You for your time.

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