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Circles of Magic are here

Well, I can say it’s done. Recently I saved final pages of Circles of Magic comic. First chapter would probably be titled „Shadows on the sky” (pol. Cienie na niebie”). Last two things that have to be done is finishing map of High Mountains and Shadow Pass, where the first chapter takes action and prepare cover art for some kind of promotion.

Circles of Magic comic 1

Now what

As a aspiring author who spend last year creating I have less than any clue what to do now, except for starting next book. There is couple of options and I want to use them in right order. It probably includes sending few e-mails and researching among publishing possibilities.

In the end my main goal is to share this comic stories with as many people as possible and it will happen, sooner or later. I’m planning to share hi-res PDF version with every newsletter subscriber (when it’s available), so if You’re interested, don’t forget to fill form somewhere on this website.

Circles of Magic comic 2

Next step would be translation for non-polish readers. Again, no experience and I can’t tell any dates for this.

Post mortem

One more thing . I have plenty of thoughts after completing project and I think it would be a waste not to share them. I had so many problems, so many obstacles and made a lot of serious errors during work. And it happened even after reading many comic creator’s blogs, Scott McCloud books and researching around different comics and graphic novels. It may be a good source of knowledge for any aspiring artist like me, and a good reminder for myself, to not do same mistakes in future.

This is rather lazy post, considering how long it took to complete my „I wanted to make something with my ideas” thing. But content is here, it’s done and we’ll have eternity to talk about it and share it. Woopi.

Good night!

Expose 12

Once again. My Quest for Black Rose has been nominated for Expose award and will appear in volume 12 book. Me, holding photoshoped book cover :)

You can check all nominees at cgstarter.com/project/expose12 and support creating this book by ordering a few. There are over 360 images by 270 artists grouped in several categories.

Ceremony, during which Jury will pick excellence and master awards in each category, will be held at saturday, 8th april 2017, and live-streamed. You can register for this event HERE.

EDIT! Turned out livestream at last saturday couldn’t happen because of some technical issues (looked like webinar platform provider just didn’t work) and is rescheudled for next week. 15th april 2017, 4 pm GMT.

Just to remind, Quest for Black Rose was created about year ago for Artstation Journey Challange, when I spend over two weeks, streaming process of painting on Twitch, using only one photoshop layer (because why not).


Beyond Art Fundamentals


New book from 3dtotal, Beyond Art Fundamentals is coming soon. and it’s not yet again about  techniques and technicalities  of art, but rather about conveying right mood and emotions using visual narratives.

I was asked to write chapter for ‘Suspense’ (favourite). It was quite tricky to write down my way of thinking, stick to the point and try not to write about obviousness.
I had very little time, so any redo’s were out of the question, but somehow it turned out quite well and fresh.

You can find book here: https://shop.3dtotal.com/books/3dtotalpublishing/beyond-art-fundamentals.html