Few words about…

Few words about… is a series of sketches and texts I posted during early 2018 on my instagram account and which tell a stories from world of Erenn, where Circles of Magic comics takes place.

Questing era

I just want here to drop a quick guide. Questing era took place many many years after crucial events which is Falling star of Undar and division of continents and it’s a moment in history when people placed a seed for new Erenn, we can enjoy in Circles of Magic storyline. All previous events from creation of Erenn to vanishing of elders is considered ancient times.


Questing Era #1

   Three hundred years after the division of the continents, courageous adventurers set out on sea travels to the east. The plague that once caused the catastrophe and destroyed the kingdom of Undar has passed. Countless treasures and old secrets were waiting to be found.

This is how the Questing Era began.


   People left their homes and went to the west withing weeks or even days. There was no time to pack goods and property. Whoever did not manage to escape, fall victim to a terrible curse.

   The Questing Era belonged to fast and brave. Ones who ventured further came back with more loot. Treasure hunters soon realized that they could do more in larger groups. That’s how the guilds started.


   Pergalorr the Swimmer decided not to return to the west, instead he sent his men for bigger ships. While he remained on the shore together with fellowship of the most treacherous treasure hunters.

   They built a house from old boats, where they lived and from where they set out on quests – north along the river and east, to the borders of wild forest. It was the first building of a big city, which was later named Fargdad, city of fireflies.


   Pergallor was greedy, arrogant but he had the qualities of a true leader and a talent for getting rich. Instead of taking the spoils west of the sea, he started trading on the Lost Shore. He traded with other treasure hunters and their guilds. He traded with people who traveled sea at him.

  He traded with the elves from the Golden City, who paid well for the artifacts of past times, thus, he gained a bad reputation and soon had to leave Lost Shore. Pergallor the Swimmer was lost during the quest north, to the other side of the river, although his tomb was never found.


   When it became clear that the Lost Shore would turn into the first settlement east of the sea, the leaders of the seven largest guilds met at Home of Boats to discuss the creation of rights and duties in the new society. At the estuary nearby, they decided to build a big city and call it Fargdad. They had to seal their decisions on a document called The Constitution of Adventurers.


   During the questing era, the treasure hunters landed mainly on the shores of today’s Brawia. The northern coasts were dangerous due to the labyrinth of rocks remaining after dividing the continents. The daredevils, who managed to reach the beaches in one piece, soon discovered that the lands north of the river were a home of very unfriendly forest spirits and, even more scary, the undead – the old inhabitants of Erenn, who did not manage to escape the curse.

  For long time, these lands were out of reach.


   It’s hard to say who exactly are the wood spirits that guarded the forests and lakes north of the river. The wisest said that they were elders or beings even older, from the time when Erenn was not yet inhabited by people. They forbid entrance to their territories and those who ignored the bans returned home without their senses or memories.


Many more will come…