That was quite a challange, but first rough layout of beggining part of Circles is finished! I’ve printed it out and it feels so cool. When you do this digitally, you can’t actually feel ‘a book’ until now and it’s great. I can see how it looks side by side, how it feels to turn a page etc. And I’m slowly putting a lot of red markings, dialogue corrections and small notes on it.

But most important – I feel that I’m one turn closer. When I finished a script some time ago (I have to write a little about it..), it was only a first step. Now I almost finished a ‘creative’ part and approaching maybe harder, more time consuming, but definitely more enjoyable side. I will only draw and draw and don’t have to think that much again. Chill.

Whole Part One has 35 pages – not very long for a comic, but for just a beggining it is quite a lot and I must admit I was a little concerned by not hooking a reader faster. Much faster. But finally I decided to let it go and leave it as it is, slowly building a story and introduction to world of Circles.

Of course I’ll sit couple of cold evenings and put much more red on this sheets to be sure everything is fine before another step. Christmas is a good time to do this.